Dave Wright

Former president Trump’s residence was raided this past Monday in an effort to supposedly seize classified documents. Within minutes from when Trump was elected president, the radical left has been attacking him and trying to rid themselves of his efforts to “drain the swamp.” Do you believe Trump has intentionally stolen classified documents to overthrow Trump Under Attack Again

Is it appropriate for a government agency like the IRS to militarize itself?  To advertise for new agents who must be willing to use deadly force if necessary? To budget billions of dollars to hire “armed agents” to initiate audits of “targeted” companies and individuals? Of great concern is the discriminatory policy of this government IRS Weaponizing

Left wing Libs allowed the Federal government to dictate illegally mandated vaccination policies that cost millions of Americans their jobs, their livelihoods and often their lives.   But not a word was said by the left about “MY BODY – MY CHOICE”… it was OK to allow the Federal government to dictate what experimental drugs were My Body – My Choice

While the uninformed idiots rage across America protesting the Supreme Court ruling, we think they should have spent a bit more time in the classroom learning to read, rather than spending their time painting posters that are either crude, vulgar, nonsensical or just plain stupid. It’s not an issue of pro-choice or pro-life.  DUH!  It’s Abortion Ignorance

You must be a certain age to buy alcohol.  You must be a certain age to operate a motor vehicle.  You must be a certain age to vote. Society had set these limits because we understand that children take time to grow up.  A six-year-old has no idea whether alcohol should be in his lunch How Young Is Too Young?

If you were given gifts after gifts after gifts from someone, and they later called you and asked for a favor, what would you say? “Yes, I’ll do what you ask, because I’m beholden to you”, or “no, your gifts had no strings attached and I feel no obligation to return your kindness”. What answer Compromised?