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Virtually 96% of climate experts debunk the climate change hoax.

It’s all about CONTROL!

According to NOAA’s 2021 Annual Climate Report the combined land and ocean temperature has increased at an average rate of 0.14 degrees Fahrenheit (0.08 degrees Celsius) per decade since 1880. And this is basically a natural phenomenon that occurs as the earth rotates and wobbles in its orbit.

Touting that “climate change” is soon going to end the world, is just another piece of the overall plan that left wing movements are using to gain total “control” of all Americans. How?

Consider this.  Virtually everything in our lives is controlled by energy.  And so, if you want to “control” the population, you need to control energy.  What better way to control energy than to make claims that our current energy sources are causing our earth’s climate to change at a near fatal rate, and that we need NEW energy sources.  “The world is coming to an end if we don’t get “climate change” under control” and it’s our current fossil fuel emissions causing all this “climate change”.  And so, it follows that we need to change/eliminate our fossil fuel energy sources to slow down this so-called “climate change”.

Claiming unreliable wind and solar are the answers to their bogus “climate change” claims, politicians have either failed to research, (or have chosen to ignore) the fact that our current energy demands can never be supported by these sources.  Currently over 75% of our energy needs come from fossil fuels.  So why would politicians push these unreliable energy sources, knowing they will fail?  Control. They need energy sources they can regulate and control.  Think about how important energy is to your daily life. Your refrigerator and your home’s heater or air conditioner.  Think about how your life might be different if your travel was restricted.  Your washing and drying machines.  Your computer and your Internet service.  And on and on…

Of great concern to Americans in particular now, are the ongoing political demands that Americans need to be satisfied with less… use your air conditioner only at regulated times… keep your temperatures at home at “compromised” temperatures… use major appliances only at government regulated times, etc. etc.  All this because of the non-scientific and political use of fear… making terrifying claims of fossil fuels (carbon dioxide) emissions causing massive and fatal “climate change” problems.  And all to gain more control over your life.

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to identify the idiocy of new fossil fuel restrictions are the EV mandates being passed in California (and other states to follow).  Not only are we decades away from having any basic national EV charging grid, but the charging stations used to charge up the EV’s are run by fossil fueled generators.  What a perfect example of hypocrisy!  And who is going to run the fossil fuel (gasoline) tank trucks to all the charging stations across the country so these gasoline powered generators can provide electricity to the charging units?

And forget about the environmentally damaging mining that occurs to obtain the lithium and cobalt needed for the Chinese manufactured batteries along with the inability to environmentally dispose of them. Like the fan blades manufactured in China for the windmills liberals claim provide wind energy, deposing of them is also impossible.  What environmental nightmares just these two so-called energy sources cause! And take a peek at the photo we’ve pictured here.  You can see here the cost to replace a battery in a low-end Chevrolet EV.  There are even reports of cars being abandoned because it’s cheaper to buy a used car that replace the EV battery or service the car itself.

It’s all about government control. The government will control how much electricity you can use and when.  And it will restrict where you will be “allowed” to travel, where and when you can use it and even IF you’ll be allowed to use it.


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