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Current Opinions


Patriotic Freedom Fighters offers these opinions based on public information.
We encourage you to offer your own comments on our “BLOG” page on this website.


In 1954 a former Judge wrote:  “I am a student of law. My first year of college was 68 years ago.  One class I took was political science. A half page of my textbook essentially outlined a few steps to overturn a democracy:
1) Divide the nation philosophically
2) Foment racial strife
3) Cause distrust of police authority
4) Swarm the nation’s borders indiscriminately and unconstitutionally
5) Engender the military strength to weaken it
6) Overburden citizens with more unfair taxation
7) Encourage civil rioting and discourage accountability for all crime
8) Control all balloting
9) Control all media 
     – Keith M. Alber

It seems this diabolic nightmare has become a reality. And to make sure our government can make all this happen, they are working to take our guns from us, indoctrinate our children instead of educating them, empowering the FBI and DOJ, authorizing 87,000 new IRS agents and rigging elections.  They raided our former president’s home in an unprecedented attack in a pre-dawn FBI raid. With NO regard for “due process” or “probable cause” we see the Department of Justice illegally seize cells phones from conservative politicians and activists, while ignoring criminal activity on the part of Democrats. We have an open border allowing millions of ILLEGAL entries into our country. Taxes are going through the roof to subsidize Biden’s massive spending spree and the media supports this conversion to communism.

Read through the above 9 items and see if you can find ONE the Democrats have ignored.  And with the midterms close at hand, think about number #8 specifically!  The extreme leftists have shown they have no qualms about breaking the law to achieve their goals.  “The end justifies the means.” 


We encourage you to visit our “BLOGS” page on this website to offer your own opinions on a number of different concerns.