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How can we allow our government to discriminate?


Is it appropriate for a government agency like the IRS to militarize itself?  To advertise for new agents who must be willing to use deadly force if necessary? To budget billions of dollars to hire “armed agents” to initiate audits of “targeted” companies and individuals?

Of great concern is the discriminatory policy of this government agency who is openly promising to “target” certain segments of our society.  They claim to be ready to “target” a certain high-income segment of American citizens and businesses. (Previously they targeted conservative organizations). The question remains: since when does our government have the right or the authority to “target” ANYONE unless there has been criminal activity or probable cause?  This is blatant discrimination.

If the radical left is upset that some Americans have achieved great financial success, and feels they need to be punished for their hard work and success by “targeting” them with audits, then we have confirmed again their socialist agenda.  There is a legislative process to change the tax code. NOT discrimination.


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