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Ever Wonder?

Nagging Questions We Need Answers To…

The propaganda coming out of mainstream news seems to focus on the sensationalism of what the American public eats up in order to sell advertising.
But in doing so, the real “meat and potatoes” often gets lost.
But Patriotic Freedom Fighters doesn’t forget these little “lost stories”
or intentional political evasions.

Here’s some nagging questions we think got buried or lost somewhere along the line:



  • Whatever happened to Ray Epps?  You remember, the man who was videotaped repeatedly chanting for protesters to enter the capitol on January 6th: “We need to go into the Capitol!” Others were chanting “FED! FED! FED!” at the same time.  But unlike hundreds of other individuals arrested for inciting a riot – many STILL in prison -, Epps “vanished” from the media.  Hmmm… (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylYF6-sZkgM)


  • When Pelosi’s son accompanied his mother Nancy on her recent Asian trip, why was she and the media so secret about it?  Why did taxpayers pay for Nancy’s son to possibly visit his own personal overseas investments?  He had no official duties to attend to during the trip, so why DID he go?  Where is ANY Congressional oversight?


  • In the first trial of the alleged kidnapping plot in Michigan, it was exposed that the FBI had actually paid their key “informant” well over $50,000.00 to keep the group “organized” during the planning stages of the kidnapping.  After the first mistrial where 2 defendants were acquitted, and after claims of “entrapment” were made by other defendants, the FBI is now pursuing the case again.


  • If you’re an auto dealer in California, with 35 EV’s and 65 gasoline vehicles on your lot… and you sell 2 gasoline vehicles today… and another customer comes in wanting a gasoline auto… do you simply say, “Can’t sell you one today.  Try tomorrow and see if we’ve sold an EV by then, since we can’t sell more than 65% of gasoline autos.”  ???


  • How “sweet” of a deal will the Feds offer Hunter Biden to try to make his illegal acts “vanish”?


  • Why won’t the Biden administration disclose information about Venezuelan criminals being released in the U.S. via our open borders?


  • Why politicians who have slept with Chinese spies are still in key security positions within our government?


  • Wonder why Biden shuts off fossil fuel development, then digs into our oil reserves (illegally), then can’t figure out why gas prices are so high and decides to go to OPEC and beg to buy from them?  While the US has more energy beneath our own feet than any other country?  And now he’s going to “hold the Sudi’s accountable”…?


  • Why did Biden’s DHS Secretary Myorkas claim the border agents were “whipping” illegals from horseback when he knew hours before he made the public comment that he’d “hold them all accountable”, that the photographer who took the controversial photo had already said, “I’ve never seen any of the agents whipping anyone… they government is making the photo appear like something it’s not… the agents are simply spinning their horse reins… “?  And why did Biden and Harris also made bogus comments lkie that?


If you want to know more, or if you have more information for us, please drop us an email!