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Do Parents Still Believe Their Children Are Their Own?

Many parents still believe they have parental rights and that those rights include being able to teach and guide their children according to their own beliefs and values.

Try again…

Parents are shocked to find out today how much is going on in the classroom that teachers, BY POLICY, are not allowed to share with parents.   For example, as a parent, if your child is disobedient and disruptive in the classroom, would you want to know? And would you want to know how his/her teacher is disciplining your child?

Try again…

If your child was being indoctrinated into adopting religious or moral beliefs that conflict with your own, would you want to know?

Try again…

If your child is being encouraged to question his or her identity, would you want to know?

Try again...

Perhaps it’s time for parents to actually sit down and STUDY not only the curriculum being taught in the classroom, but the administrative policies behind them.  What policies make the approval of pornographic literature acceptable for school libraries? What policies require teachers to determine disciplinary techniques for students without parental involvement or knowledge?

It’s time to get involved!  Make your comments known here and in your school!


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