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Left wing Libs allowed the Federal government to dictate illegally mandated vaccination policies that cost millions of Americans their jobs, their livelihoods and often their lives.   But not a word was said by the left about “MY BODY – MY CHOICE”… it was OK to allow the Federal government to dictate what experimental drugs were being forced into their bodies illegally without any freedom of choice.

However, when the Supreme Court recently gave the freedom of choice back to the people in the issue of abortion, suddenly the left-wing libs reversed their position and they ignorantly displayed countless posters about “MY BODY  –  MY CHOICE”.  Now it seems it’s important to them?  If they weren’t concerned about the loss of their freedom of choice over their body with vaccines, why now are they so concerned over the Supreme Court giving them the right of choice over abortion through their own State communities?

Of course, this would have required much more thought than painting nonsensical posters that are just vulger and don’t even address the issue.

(Of course, we won’t mention here the rights of the unborn babies who have no voice in the matter of “MY BODY – MY CHOICE”  They have no say in the matter. It’s only THEIR bodies without choice).

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