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People that love America have been joyous, in awe, filled with hope, and some have even wept when they have driven on Highway 285, south of Nathrop, Colorado and have seen the miles and miles of American flags proudly on display. How did they get there?

The Shelby Davis family started placing these flags in the summer of 2020, and this year the Chaffee County Patriots have joined the Shelby family in the Highway Flag Initiative.

Shelby started this project last year when she got permission to put up 4 flags on a nearby telephone pole until someone asked her to take them down. She was saddened to think someone would be offended by the American flag, particularly with her son in the military, so she began working to engage the community. She found huge support from so many residents and ranchers, and of course her Buena Vista Baptist Church. Paying for her flags (she still owes about $2,000) and the materials needed to mount them has been supported by LaGrees Market & Hardware, Ace Hardware and Poncha Lumber – all located in Poncha Springs, Colorado, and Jan’s Restaurant in Buena Vista. And she is so grateful to Grace Alley (a veteran and family owned organization) for helping with the price of the flags with a generous discount. Over $1,500 has already been donated by community members – this is what community patriotism is all about.

The Chaffee County Patriots are non-profit, dedicated to providing a “voice” for Patriots throughout the Chaffee County community, and were formed to organize and establish in-person meetings for those who are willing to educate, equip and mobilize the community on issues affecting faith, family, and our constitutional freedoms.

What does it take to put up a mile of flags? It takes roughly 50 flags spaced 105′ apart to cover just one mile… and each flag ends up costing roughly $25.00 per flag.

  • 50 flags
  • 50 t-post
  • 50 1” x 10’ PVC
  • 200 zip ties
  • 100 Hose Clamps
  • 1 roll of duct tape
  • T-Post Driver

And, most importantly American Patriots that care

  • donated dollars
  • donated countless man hours

And it takes true grit to keep going! As you can see in the photo, Shelby tore the tendons in her thumb installing a flag and had to have surgery… but she’s still going strong, never quitting, like true patriots always do! She emphatically states that she does NOT want her project to become political. Her project has been designed to show her faith in God and her respect for the foundation that America stands for.

Chaffee County Patriots are non-partisan and welcome all like-minded individuals that love, support, and believe in the very ethics and moral principles by which our Country was founded. Patriots are “essential” citizens, and the glue of the American Dream!

Email : ch***************@gm***.com">ch***************@gm***.com

Mailing: P.O. Box 50 Buena Vista, CO 81211