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About Our Logo

When we designed our logo, our thoughts were focused on where we see our amazing country today:


    It is tattered and torn because we keep seeing it being burned and attacked by liberal leftists who care little about the values that have made America great…


    The 13 stars flag represents and reminds us of the ideals our founding fathers envisioned and conceived that make this great nation the greatest in the world…


    Our lion is angry at what’s happening to our country, but more importantly he’s not passively laying down with saddened eyes… instead, he’s ready to “cast out the tables and money changers: who were defiling the sanctity of the temple”.

Hold The Line!


Thank you for visiting our website. Now, more than ever, we need to show our strength and our determination to “hold the line” and not break under the pressure of the liberals and socialists/communists who are determined to destroy our country.

We DO NOT advocate violence of any kind, but we also remember a rather famous man named Jesus who, with great courage, cast out the tables and money changers “who were defiling the sanctity of the temple…” just as many left wing liberals are defiling the core values of our country with their selfish, self-serving and hypocritical actions and philosophies.

We all need to “HOLD THE LINE” and not break under left wing pressures!

Kim Porter President and CEO